Memetown USA

The Only Good RPG

Welcome to Memetown, The Greatest Game Ever Made™

Finally, a game that respects you.



  • An epic story that spans dozens of minutes, possibly even hours if you’re slow.
  • An in-game computer packed with crazy meme-editing software and an entire in-game internet.
  • Deep-fried cutscenes.
  • A built-in online service for sharing memes with other players.
  • Frog-themed boss battles.
  • An original soundtrack inspired by the greatest meme songs of our generation.
  • Multiple volumes of meme scripture, including Holy Bible 2 and Duderonomy 420.

This game sucks, and so do you

Memetown will release on Steam on August 30, 2018.

(Releasing on Game Jolt as well)

 Everyone who plays this game will die

What does the press have to say about Memetown?

“Memetown is actually the worst game of all time and y’all need to lower your expectations.”

–Josh Moody, Memetown Developer

 “I disagree strongly with whatever work this quote is attached to”

–Randall Munroe, XKCD

Memetown is being developed by Josh Moody, who also happens to be the creator of the famous sawdust-in-a-rice-krispy-treat meme. He’s been riding that popularity high for months. Follow him on Twitter.